Welcome to MicroRNA@osumc.edu!

MicroRNA@osumc.edu is a Bioinformatics resource portal on ncRNAs maintained by Prof. Carlo M. Croce's lab at the Department of Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics, Comprehensive Cancer Center, The Ohio State University, USA.

The focus of the Bioinformatics team at Prof. Croce's lab is the design and development of computational tools and databases for the analysis and processing of data related to ncRNAs, with particular emphasis on microRNAs.

Current Projects

  • miR-EdiTar is a database of predicted A-to-I edited miRNA binding sites.The database contains both predicted miRNA binding sites potentially affected by A-to-I editing and novel predicted sites that could be created by editing. The goal of miR-EdiTar is to facilitate the identification of miRNA binding sites potentially affected by A-to-I editing as a function of the number of base pair matchings, the degree of accessibility of the binding site and the stability of the interaction, and to aid the discovery of new potential miRNA binding sites created by editing events.

  • miR-Synth is a computational resource for the design of synthetic miRNAs able to target multiple genes in multiple sites. It combines well-established knowledge on miRNA targeting together with siRNA design rules and empirical observations on validated miRNA/target interactions into a pipeline which allows the rational design of artificial miRNAs.

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