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A-to-I RNA editing is an important epigenetic mechanism which consists of the conversion of specific adenosines into inosines in RNA molecules. It is a physiological process that contributes to the diversity of the transcriptome. Its dysregulation has been associated to several human diseases including cancer. Recent work has demonstrated a role for A-to-I editing in microRNA (miRNA) mediated gene expression regulation. In fact, edited forms of mature miRNAs can target sets of genes that differ from the targets of their unedited forms. The specific deamination of mRNAs can generate novel binding sites in addition to potentially alter existing ones.

miR-EdiTar is a database of predicted A-to-I edited miRNA binding sites. The database contains both predicted miRNA binding sites potentially affected by A-to-I editing and novel predicted sites that could be created by editing. The goal of miR-EdiTar is to facilitate the identification of miRNA binding sites potentially affected by A-to-I editing as a function of the number of base pair matchings, the degree of accessibility of the binding site and the stability of the interaction, and to aid the discovery of new potential miRNA binding sites created by editing events.

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If you use miR-Editar please cite the following paper:

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